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Deblinding and screening balls

Rubber balls to remove clogged product in sifter screens. Arubis deblinding screaning rubber balls

What are deblinding or screening balls?

The blinding or build-up on vibrating screen can be a troublesome experience for any production line in the sifting industry. It is the cause of unnecessary downtime and a decrease in production numbers. Arubis offers a solution to increase production with deblinding screen cleaning balls.

  • Great variety of compounds to fit your needs
  • Custom sizes on demand
  • High quality and long lifetime

The most efficient way to clean and deblind sieves

Cleaning balls are the easiest way to clean sieves or meshes in any type of production line. The diversity of compounds for these rubber balls ensure to deliver a solution to any specific industry.

Available in a variety of compounds

The Arubis screen cleaning balls come in lots of different qualities and compounds. Each come with different advantages and uses. Feel free to contact Arubis with any questions regarding the choice of compound for your industry type.

All compounds are available for FDA approved applications

  • Polyurethane (PU) - With best resistance to chemicals. Balls in polyurethane have great endurance and ensure tremendous wear life. Choose this compound to maximize bounce and cleaning.
  • Natural rubber (NR) - Has excellent abrasion resistance and tear strength.
  • Neoprene (CR) - Neoprene is highly resistant to fats, oils, weather and ozone. We recommend using this compound for any industry with exposure to fat, oils, ozone and heavy weather.
  • Ethylene Propylene (EPDM) - EDPM is known to have great resistance to extreme temperatures and weather.
  • Buna-N / Nitrile (NBR) - Resistance to fats, oils, weather and ozone. NBR has better abrasion resistance than Neoprene rubber.
  • Translucent silicone (VMQ) – Resistance to extreme temperatures, ozone and oxidation.
  • Plastic Polyacetal DELRIN® - Chosen by industry leaders for high load mechanical applications. Combined with stiffness and strength needed in parts designed to replace metal. It provides a wide operating temperature range and stability in high precision molding.
  • Nylon (PA6) - Used for applications where extra strength is needed. Highly resistant to abrasion and chemicals such acids and alkalis.

Different types and shapes

Deblinding balls can be produced on demand and in any kind of shape. Standard production includes parallellepipedum balls and special egg form balls. These balls have an uneven shape and will bounce at random therefore reaching regions in the mesh in which normal round balls would fail to get.

More parts for the sifting industry

Arubis is a rubber manufacturer and produces a large variety of rubber products and spare parts for the sifting industry. With decades of experience in the field we are confident we can help you find and produce the exact part in the right quality and compound. Contact us during office hours and we will be happy to provide any assistance you might need as wel as free samples for the sifting industry.